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S.NO Name Interest Rate (Quarterly) Product Feature
1 Personal Saving 4% Member May deposit and Withdraw any amount in center meeting or Office. Minimum Balance should be Rs. 300
2 Group Fund Saving 3% Member Should deposit NRP 50 in Fortnightly or NPR 100 in Monthly meeting.
3 Center Fund 3% Member may save same amount regularly for welfare work. Member may charge some fine for member and staff for late presence.
4 Life Saving Scheme Based Member may deposit up to NPR 500 fortnightly and NPR 1000 Monthly. Member get amount based on scheme.

Insurance  Services:                                                                                                                                        

 Nerude is providing insurance product that address client's needs for risk management in addition to its saving and credit products. Nerude clients are highly vulnerable to economic shocks caused by events such as death of family member, pregnancy destruction of valuable assets or a disabling injury etc. 

  1. Livestock Insurance:                                                                                                                              
    Nerude has linked up with a local agency (Deposit and Credit Gaurantee Corporation) to provide this service. When clients take out a loan for livestock, they pay 2.5%  for up to 75 thousands and above 75 thousand respectively, of the value to the agency. If the animal dies and it is verified by a veterinary official, the agency pays the 90 percent of the loan.
  2. Client Protection Fund                                                                                                                                      
    This fund operation compensates in the death of member equal to loan amount .  in the  case of guardian's death, the member will get maximum Rs. 10000 & in the case of member's Main house completely destroyed by fire, the member can get up to Rs. 4000. in the case of member Got child  member can get up to Rs. 1000 For son and 1500 For Daughter up to two Child . In case of Snake bite member get Up to Rs.2000 with the prove of hospital discharge  card and medicine bill.

Remittance Service:
Under this service the family members working abroad can send money of their relatives in Nepal through Western Union Money Transfer, Prabhu Money Transfer, Himal Remit, Money Gram etc. Member's and non-member's both have access to this service.