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Appraising Current Chanllenges
and Issues in Microfinance!

A Symposium of CEOs.
August 10-11,2017,Dhulikhe,Kavre.
Centre for Self-help Development(CSD)

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Learning from the

Grameen Financial System!

Febrary 9-10,2017,Kathmandu
Centre for Self-help Development(CSD)

1. Nepal Rastra Bank (नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंक) : Click Here

2. Employees Provident Fund(क्रमचारी संचयकोष) : Click Here

3. Citizen Investment Trust (नागरिक लगानी कोष) : Click Here

4. Department of Transport Management (यातायात व्वस्थापन विभाग) : Click Here

5. Inland Revenue Department: Click Here

6. RMDC Nepal: Click Here

7. Nepal Electricity Authority: Click Here

8. Nepal  Stock Exchange (NEPSE): Click Here

9. Central Bureau of Statistics: Click Here

10. Synergy Teck Solution: Click Here

11. CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor): Click Here

1. Onlink Khabar: Click Here

2. Kantipur News: Click Here

3. Gorkhapatra: Click Here

4. KarobarDialy: Click Here

5. Nagariknews: Click Here

6. Annapurnapost: Click Here

7. Abhiyan: Click Here

8. Yahoo: Click Here

9. Google mail: Click Here

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