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Latest Update:

1.     As of March 2018 Nerude has,
•    Introduced “Buzz Nerude” – a mobile platform set in a vehicle to disseminate FL messages.
•    Reached to 385 beneficiaries with different financial literacy intervention.
•    Launched EDS activity with the technical support of Berendina Microfinance, a pioneer of EDS activity in Sri Lanka.

2.   As of June 2018 Nerude has,
•    Reached to 2809 beneficiaries with different financial literacy intervention.
•    Introduced FLIP chart as a means of financial literacy.
•    EDS loan training to 89 members at Chimidi, Dewanjung & Dharan branch.
•    Exposure visit of 32 members from Dewanjung branch to Shambunath Krishi Firm, Ithari.
•    Street Drama in Chimidi and Khanar which was used to spread our news on financial literacy.

  • 3.  As of December 2018, Nerude have:
    •    Reached above 7000 beneficiaries wth different financial literacy interventions.
    •    Conducted Enterprise Development Training and field visits to 561 members through 18 pilot branches and 1 non-pilot branch.
    •    Introduced tablet banking in 9 pilot branches.
    •    Disbursed 7.25 Crores in Enterprise loans. Average EDS loan size is above NRs 100,000.